Lubbock’s Race for the Cure: A Spirit of Collaboration

Peoples Bank

The beginnings of Lubbock’s Race for the Cure happened as a result of sheer will and a focused spirit of collaboration among a tenacious group of women. Having returned from participating in the 1992 Dallas Race for the Cure, my sisters and I were determined to get into the fight against the disease that took our oldest sister, Carolyn, away from us at age 35. I was especially determined that Lubbock should have a race of its own, especially given the medical community here. After talking with a few people, about twenty women showed up in a conference room of First National Bank, Lubbock. In that group were representatives from every large bank, every hospital, Texas Tech, and an array of seasoned volunteers ready to get behind a cause that was scaring women to death. Many things came together, including history, to make this small beginning a powerful reality. It was as if women were knocking on a glass ceiling of a disease that was killing our finest, and we were not going to take it anymore.